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When it comes to planning a Christmas party, the thought alone is enough to instil dread in those who are responsible for the organisation of such an event. In theory, planning a Christmas party should be a relatively straightforward affair. But with so many people to please and so little time to do so, the whole affair can be an inconvenient hindrance.

Fortunately, there are some steps that can be taken to ensure that your party planning goes swimmingly, and the event itself is a success.

Set the Date As Soon As Possible
Evidently Christmas is a busy period, and anyone who has been involved with the planning of a Christmas party in the past can testify that setting a date can be a job in itself. You should aim to set a date for the end of the week rather than the beginning, especially if the party is for members of staff. Planning a party for the Monday can see a productivity drop for the rest of the week.

Find out what dates are available at the location you’re thinking of booking. The top Christmas party venues in London will be in demand, so be prepared to act quickly – if you’re struggling to find a location, a site like Venue Snoop can help. Before you confirm you venue, send people a choice of dates. Remember, you won’t be able to cater for everyone, so you should just go with what’s popular.

You should also ensure that when the date is set for the party, that all invitees are aware of the date. You could send out correspondence nearer the time, or arrange it so the event shows up on their PC calendar.

Find Out Your Budget, and Stick To It
The budget is just as important as the date when it comes to organising. Try and find out what the budget is before planning a venue, as you could find that all the allocated funds are spent on the venue hire alone.

Consider what sort of Christmas party you’re looking for, and then ensure that this is the kind of event that staff members would attend.

Look through your options and decide what is needed and what is wanted, getting the most important factors out of the way first means that the rest of the planning should be a reasonably stress-free affair.

Research Your Entertainment
Whether you’re planning to have a live band, a DJ or both, you need to ensure that the talent you book is able to live up to expectations. Generally, many acts are professional and will give their audience a good show. But like any sector, there can be a few bad eggs who can turn a potential celebration into something of a downer.

If you’re in doubt, why not use an entertainment agency. They will have plenty of acts available for you to choose from, and will be able to provide references from satisfied clients. This means that you can be confident that the band are not only professional, but will be confident enough to entertain a room full of people with little effort.

Organise Transportation if Needed
When planning a Christmas party, it can be difficult to find a location that is suitable for everyone. While a venue may be within the captcha area of many people, there are some who may struggle to attend the event.

Planning transportation makes it easier for those who are further afield than others. It also shows that you’ve considered their needs. Little touches like these can make all the difference as to whether a person attends the party or not.

The point of a Christmas part is to ensure that everyone has a good time. Catering for everyone’s needs beforehand will ensure that they enter a calm and relaxed atmosphere and have a good night overall.