Why Choose a Health Cash Plan?

In today’s cash-strapped economy, many people are seeking to cut corners wherever possible, and unfortunately this has led many people to avoid seeking out medical attention for fear of receiving an expensive bill. When you take out a health cash plan, you could enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that many of your day-to-day medical expenses will be covered, so the only thing you’ll have to worry about is getting better rather than the cost involved.

One of the numerous advantages of health cash plans is that they do not require a medical examination, or the red tape and delays that so often accompany them. If you’re covered by a cash plan, you could receive significant discounts on everything from new glasses and dental care to alternative therapies, just so long as you’ve been contributing to your policy for at least several months.

The cost of health cash plans is low, considering the potential savings that can quickly add up. Regular monthly payments spread over a period of 12 months, or however long you choose your flexible plan to last, can work out much cheaper than having to make one-off payments each time you require medical attention, and you’ll no longer have to worry about eating into your savings or taking out loans to pay for treatments.

You don’t even have to be ill to enjoy¬†bupa international health cash plans benefits¬†either, with some providers extending the protection to cover life events, such as maternity and adoption benefits, as well as providing access to a dedicated 24-hour helpline that can offer confidential advice on all manner of health and legal issues. The claims process has also been streamlined, meaning you simply have to complete a form and provide a receipt of the amount you’ve paid, and you’ll soon receive reimbursement up to the agreed policy limit.

Many individuals and businesses are now favouring health cash plans over medical insurance plans, due to the lower costs involved and the fact that health cash plans do not rely on the policyholder’s medical history to determine the amount of cover. You could even find alternative therapies covered by health plans that your medical insurance might not typically extend to, including acupuncture, chiropody, chiropractic, homoeopathy and physiotherapy. If you have children, your health cash plan could also extend to provide free coverage for the younger members of your family at no extra charge.

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