Does Your Moisturizer Contains These Natural Skin Care Oils?

Are you also one of those, who after using a moisturizer feel as if your skin has stopped breathing? Don’t worry you are not alone. There are so many people who want to use a good and effective moisturizer. But, because they lack the knowledge of natural skin care oils needed in moisturizer they end up using a sub standard one.

These low quality products use cheap and harmful ingredients that clog the pores of your skin. This is the reason you feel as if your skin is not breathing. In fact such products are often the root cause of skin problems like redness, and irritation etc.

If you really want to turn around the results of moisturizer and skincare creams then you should use skincare products that consists the following natural skin care oils.

Avocado Oil
It is the oil extracted from the Avocado Fruit. It is natural emollient and is used to moisturize the skin gently. Its regular use leads to softer and smoother skin. It is also a very good source of Vitamin E, i.e. in long run it can help you reduce the wrinkles. Other advantages of Avocado Oil include – reduction of age spots and healing from sun damage.

Babaasu Oil
It is extracted from the seed of Babbasu tree. It is a super emollient – when rubbed on skin it melts and leaves a smooth layer without any oil sheen. It gently moisturizes the skin and still lets your skin breath. It is highly recommended for people who have dry and oily skin.

Grapeseed Oil
The discussion of natural skin care oils is incomplete without this one. Grapseed oil is extracted from the seeds of grapes. It has amazing properties to rejuvenate the broken and damaged skin cells and tissues. It is worth noting here that grapeseed oil is very effective in repairing the area around eyes. If used regularly it is known to replenish the lost vigor and elasticity of skin. It is also very effective in treating the stretch marks.

So there you have it – 3 wonderful natural skin care oils that can help you gain control of your skin quality and let you achieve the soft and smooth end result you have always wanted.

It is not very practical to procure these oils and start applying them daily; instead you can look for skincare products that contain the natural skin care oils that we discussed above. These products contain many more cutting edge natural ingredients that can help you rejuvenate the skin from within.

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