The Pros and Cons of All Inclusive Cruises

When wanting to enjoy your vacation to the fullest, you may not want to go away thinking that towards the end of your vacation you may need cut back on food expenses or entertainments and yet it can be these additional costs that may add up to more than you had budgeted for. If you take your vacation on an all inclusive cruise ship, you need not be worried about the costs of such pastimes as they can be fully covered for the whole of your time away as the cost of your vacation will have covered these expenses in advance. It may be that the initial cost of such a cruise may seem higher than a traditional cruise as the cruise line has to cover its expenses but it can still provide an attractive value for money vacation. All Inclusive means that on such a cruise, all incidental costs including food, drinks, entertainments are included and here, there is often no need to budget for anything else at all. It may be worth thinking about an all inclusive cruise in comparison to a traditional cruise but be sure to weigh up the pros and cons of each type before you book your cruise.

One of the biggest advantages of an all inclusive ship is that all your drinks, food and entertainments are already covered in the price that you have paid. Once this cost has been paid, and then you may then indulge to your hearts content in your favorite drinks, eat all you can manage in the restaurants and take unlimited advantage of the movie theaters and video arcades. However, there are cruise ships where alcoholic drinks are not included in the all inclusive package and that drinks may only mean soft drinks, but on others, all are included as standard.

Likewise, on some all inclusive cruise ships, it may be that it is only foods available in the sit down restaurant foods that are free of charge whereas snacks or small meals continue to be available at additional cost. It may be that entertainment Travel agent deals may be classed as included but not gambling in casinos. If gambling appeals to you – ensure you come with funds to indulge in this pastime.

It will be necessary to check out exactly what is included in “all inclusive” fares but these cruises still provide a good value vacation when compared to traditional cruises where the costs of drinks and entertainments may be high. A full price comparison based on like for like is necessary prior to booking so that you can easily see which type of cruise provides the best value for your particular vacation needs. Travelers may find this at first confusing, but if you can estimate the likely cost of your foods, drinks, entertainments and leisure activities aboard ship in advance, you can then compare if it is likely to be more cost effective to go on an all inclusive cruise and which type offers the better value choice for you.

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