Buying the Tastiest Turkey

With Christmas just around the corner, those of us that have chosen to have turkey for our festive dinner will probably have already started thinking about where to buy it from.

Sure, there is the convenience of the supermarkets, our recommendation for buying your food locally rather than the large food stores, is just as relevant at Christmas as it is for the rest of the year.

You probably already realise the benefits of buying the vegetables for your Christmas dinner from a local supplier, and how much better this can make them taste. Well, the same is true for your turkey.

For one thing, if you choose the right local supplier for your bird, you can be sure that it has been raised in the very best conditions – which is not just important from an animal welfare point of view, it’s also likely to have a big bearing on how the meat tastes.

If you want a spectacular looking turkey for your festive meal, you’re going to want it to taste as good as it looks, and unless you know where it’s come from and how it was raised, you might be disappointed.

Apart from the fact that a locally sourced, responsibly-farmed turkey is likely to taste better than one you get from the freezer of your local supermarket, you’re also likely to get a lot more choice. This is usually true in terms of the type and size of turkey, but also what it was raised on and how this might improve it’s taste.

We’re big advocates of buying as much as your food as possible from good, local suppliers, so it’s not surprise that we think this is just as important when it comes to your Christmas dinner. After all, this is on of the most spacial meals of the year, so why wouldn’t you want it to be the best it could be. And if you don’t want to wait till December to enjoy a great turkey dinner, here’s a great post that shows that turkeys are not just for Christmas.

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